The objectives of the Daughters of Penelope are to promote the social, ethical and intellectual interests of its members; to cultivate good citizenship and patriotism for the countries in which the chapters exist; and to disseminate Hellenic culture therein.

Canadian National Projects

The Daughters of Penelope contribute thousands of dollars every year to various local, district and national projects. The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation was the first National Project to be adopted. Funds were raised for research and printing of 100,000 BSE awareness pamphlets translated into various languages.

The second National Project was the Canadian Thalassemia Foundation. Thalassemia or Cooley’s Anaemia is an inherited blood disorder, killing most patients in their teenage years.  The Daughters of Penelope goal was not only to raise funds for research, but also to raise awareness and prevention.

The Daughters of Penelope Regina chapter works in collaboration with St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox community to help achieve our goals.