DOP Hellenic Dance Group

“Teach me to dance, will you?”  “Did you say dance? Come on my boy!” – excerpt from the movie Zorba the Greek

Dance has played an important role in the life of Greeks all through their history. In ancient Greek societies, dance was held in high regard, with Plato expressing his belief in the virtue of dancing by saying “a man who cannot dance is uneducated and unrefined”.

In Byzantine times, despite church guidelines, people continued dancing in private and public fests. During the Turkish occupation, they continued to dance and also created and passed down to us new dances, praising the heroism of the fighters and their desire for independence and freedom.

Today, traditional dances are still passed down from generation to generation and they are still alive in our present-day Greek culture.

The Daughters of Penelope Hellenic Dance Group was organized in 1976, with financial assistance from the Federal Government, the Provincial Government (Department of Culture and Youth), the Carling O’Keefe Foundation and the Estate of Mrs. Foto Lallas.

Classes and workshops run from September through to May, and the groups perform at various functions and events for the Regina Community and surrounding area.

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