GIFFT – Regina Sept 30, – Oct 2, 2022

Regina will be one of nine Canadian host cities of The Greek International Film Festival Tour of Canada (GIFFT) where we will be screening Greek feature films, documentaries and short films on Sept. 30, Oct. 1 and 2.

Full information is available on the GIFFT website: and where you can see the films, dates and venues. Here you are also able to purchase tickets online.

We will also posting information on the Regina Greek Events Facebook page.

 The feature films we will be showing include: (click the title for more information)

Smyrna My Beloved The historical incidents and facts that proceeded and occurred during the occupation of Smyrna in 1922 by the Turkish Army, including the massacre of the local Greek and Armenian population, are recounted through the lives of the Baltatzis family.

Where Are You Adam? This documentary is set at the ancient Dochiariou Monastery on the western shore of Mount Athos. Images of nature alternate with the monks’ almost ceaseless round of work and prayer, creating a rhythmic bond between man and the natural world that hints at a paradise we all dimly yearn for. 
     The jewel of this rich Byzantine setting, however, is the monks themselves, whose warmth and authenticity has been captured through a revelation of their daily lives, each with its joys, hopes, and frailties.
By inviting the filmmakers into their midst, the monks hope to encourage each viewer to awaken to his own resurrection.  A central figure in the film is the monastery elder, Abbot Gregory whose decades of leadership have given him a keen understanding of the souls under his charge and their desire to regain for themselves a state akin to the humanity of Adam before the Fall.

The Rocket “The Rocket,” is a critically acclaimed Greek film about a pathological liar who goes to extreme lengths to prove to his friends that he is telling the truth that Greece will launch a rocket.

King Otto In 2004, audiences looked on in disbelief as the Greek National Football Team, who had never won a match in a major tournament became the unlikeliest of European Champions.  The architect behind this unprecedented triumph was team coach “King” Otto Rehhagel.