Mosaic 2024 will take place on May 30, 31 & June 1

The Regina Multicultural Council (an unrelated non-profit organization whose mandate is to promote multiculturalism in Regina) organizes and participates in a number of activities, the best known of which is MOSAIC.  MOSAIC has been held annually since 1967 when it began as a one-day festival held at the Exhibition Auditorium on May 13th, 1967. Since that time, it has grown into a three-day event held the first weekend in June at pavilions located throughout Regina. Each pavilion features traditional foods, display of arts and crafts and entertainment by musicians and dancers.

Our Community has been involved with MOSAIC since its inception as one of the original nine pavilions. The Hellenic Pavilion was originally hosted in the Community Hall but eventually moved to the Regina Exhibition Park when more space was needed. The Hellenic Pavilion is currently located at the Canada Centre West Building on the Exhibition Grounds.

Every year, the Hellenic Pavilion is visited by close to 20,000 visitors who wish to experience the Hellenic culture.  In addition to classic dishes such as Moussaka, Souvlaki, Yemista and Dolmathes, visitors stay to enjoy live Greek entertainment.  Daughters of Penelope dancers from as young as five years old, right up to the senior group in their twenties, hit the stage to put on an amazing show.  Bands such as Arkadia, also play their own originally written Greek music for visitors to the pavilion. Comprised of musicians who grew up in the community, their passion for Greek music is clearly seen by those who watch them perform.

Although MOSAIC is one of the biggest fundraisers for St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church it is, more importantly, a chance for all those in the community to volunteer together and proudly display our Hellenic culture.  We take pleasure in entertaining our guests with music and dances from our native country, and authentic dishes that tantalize and satisfy.

We look forward to hosting you again this June!