The Ladies Philoptochos Society of Regina, the ladies auxiliary whose main purpose is, as its name Philoptochos or “friend of the poor” suggests, to help the poor and those in need, is the backbone of the church.

The Philoptohos Society was founded on October 11, 1967. Fifty-five (55) members were registered in the charter under the guidance of Father Basilios Stamos.

The founding officers were:

President:                   Katina P. Georgulis

Vice-President:           Rose N. Kangles

Secretary:                   Sophia Pappakonstantinou

Secretary:                   Helen Maroudis

Treasurer:                   Roula Maglis

The members of the Philoptohos Society have worked with enthusiasm to help the poor and needy through national projects of our Metropolis Philoptohos Board as well as projects that help the local community. They have also provided funds to help build and decorate the Church. The following are only some of the items that Philoptohos has helped to pay for:

  • Marble Altar with the “Epitaphios Threnos” engraved on the front
  • Carved wood Epitaphios
  • Carved wood Iconostasio (tembleo)
  • Iconography and other Holy Icons
  • Majority of the funds for painting the Platytera above the Holy Altar
  • Kitchen equipment and supplies

Philoptochos services