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Say Hello to St. Paul’s Community Council for the 2021-2022 Term

Below are the executive and members for the new Community Council. We wish them all the very best in their term.

Konstantine Giannoutsos, President

Costa Maragos, Vice President

Chris Perentes, Treasurer

Monica Gohm, Secretary

Fay Bobetsis

Aristea (Taya) Christidis

Fotini Gargatzidis

Margarita Parisone

Michele Parisone

George Tsiklis

Vasilis Vandoros

Assemblies of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada July 2019

The 30th Biennial Assembly of our Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada took place in Vancouver June 28 to July 4, 2019. St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Community was represented by Fr. Spiridon Vandoros, 10 Youth (Anthony Parisone, Michele Parisone, Zoe Kourles, Stelios Constantinides, Maria Lygouriatis, Maria Perentes, Constantina Perentes, Katerina Perentes, Yanni Kolitsas and Nikoletta Giannaris), Taya Christidis (MET Youth Chaperone and Council Member), 3 members of Philoptochos (Toula Perdicaris, Voula Danakas and Fotini Gargatzidis) and 3 members from the Community Council (Chris Perentes, George Tsiklis and Spiro Kangles). More information and photos can be found at the following link:

Delegates of the Youth Assembly presented a “Tree of Life” to His Eminence which represents the youth of our Archdiocese as the branches and the Greek Orthodox Church as the trunk of the tree.
The temporary chapel erected at the hotel when conference attendees attended Divine Liturgy on June 29 and July 1st.
Members of Philoptochos and the Community Council at the Grand Banquet on July 1st at the Hellenic Community Centre of Vancouver. Seated with them are members of the Vancouver Greek Community.
Following the Assembly we had a little time to take in the sights at Stanley Park, Vancouver.

I’m Orthodox: What Does that Mean? 30 Questions and Answers – A Concise and Practical Guidebook Copy

In order for us as Orthodox Christians to follow the words of Christ recorded by Matthew the Evangelist, we must be properly educated about the Truth of God and His Church, which is the Kingdom of Heaven realized on earth.

For this reason, together with the many other spiritual offerings of our Holy Metropolis, this small Question and Answer-formatted guidebook was developed to help inform the faithful — and those interested in learning about Orthodoxy — about our Christian faith, which alone leads man to salvation in Christ.

Read this guidebook; contemplate the information provided in it; apply the lessons on a daily basis; become an active Orthodox Christian who prays, fasts, is a cheerful giver, merciful, goes to confession and church services, and lives a sacramental life.


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Job Posting – Greek School Principal

JOB POSTING: Principal – St. Paul’s Greek Heritage Language School

Now accepting qualified applicants

St. Paul’s Greek Heritage Language School is accepting applicants for the position of Principal to begin following the end of the current school year (June/July 2019).

The Principal of St. Paul’s Greek Heritage Language School reports directly to the Greek School Board and its President. The School operates under the auspices of St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Community of Regina.

Following are the minimum requirements to apply for the position:

  1. Must have a proficiency in the Greek language.
  2. Must be a member in Good Standing with St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Community of Regina
  3. Must understand and consistently adhere to the St. Paul’s Greek School policies.

Interested candidates should send their resume to:

St. Paul’s Greek Heritage Language School

c/o St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church

3000 Argyle Road, Regina, SK S4S 2B2

Attention: Selection Committee

or by email to:

Applications and expressions of interest must be received by August 16, 2019.

If you require more information please contact Greek School President Fotini Labropulu at: